The escape!!!
my name is Karen. I'm a mix of everything! ENJOY YOURSELF! MUCH LOVE <3 X
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"Why are you so afraid of your own anatomy?"

so fucking cool

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Ironic and Unfortunate Shirts Worn in Mugshots

My nigga in the lower left is a visionary. He’s sad because he knows he’s already guilty according to the system. Shit’s deep.

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Its my birthday today. Im 23. Right now I dunno how I feel about it tbh. I’m just thankful that God has blessed me with another year. I feel wiser and smarter each year. This time of my life is quite nerve wrecking because I dont know which direction it will take from here onwards. I just have to trust God and have faith that he will lead me in the right path. God thank you for all that I have and all that is to come!

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